Conterra Flightline Aero Pack

12-19-3100 Odyssey Medical Supplies


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Great compact bag for carrying lots of gear, this bag was designed for use in helos, but has many applications off a helo as well. Bags will come empty, If you would like us to pack it full of gear please select the option from the drop down. New this bag retails at $293. Included are 2 SAM splints to build the structure of the bag.

Used from our events division

Good Condition - Minor discolouration to bag, some surface dirt, zippers working, no holes, some minor fraying to some of the edging.

OK Condition - Some discolouration to the bag, some surface dirt zippers working, minor surface damage, no holes.

TLC Condition - Bag is discoloured, some surface dirt, one or more of the zippers not functioning, minor holes.

All Sales are final, we will take the bag from the top of the stack.