First aid kits, medical oxygen, and AEDs, that are easy and intuitive to use, have been some of the most commonly requested items that we have been asked to 'help out' with.  

It is from these types of requests, by individuals just like you, that we have carefully selected our first aid and medical equipment packages.   You will feel confident when a patient walks into your medical station for help, that you and your team will have the right stuff right where you need it.  These are the same kits that we use when we cover special events in our community.  Reliable and ready!

Need an extra AED or first aid kit?  No problem, we can add items individually to any rental package.

Need an extra day?  We understand!  Festival, sporting events, runs, and other events can go a little longer than expected or your 'travel' day may take you on a few unexpected detours.  Let us know.  We have reduced the 'Daily' rate exactly for this reason.  We have been there too.

NOTE:  By renting our equipment packages you acknowledge that you have the required level of training/certification to use the items supplied.  Work within your scope.  We are not responsible or liable for misuse of equipment and/or supplies.


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The Basic package is designed for a small, low risk type of event that requires roughly 1 - 2 medical or first aid providers.  This package includes a well stocked first-aid kit and an easy to use AED.


The Basic Plus plan is when your event needs that little bit extra, plus you have the ticket, so why not bring some more 'toys'.  Building on the Basic plan, the Basic Plus adds a basic life support kit and oxygen.


Feel confident that you have the right equipment when asked if you can cover a slightly larger event.  Get the gang together and spend a fun afternoon looking pro with your pop-up medical station.  This package is great for low risk events that have a medium to large event space to cover.  Building on the Basic Plus plan, this package includes 2 fanny packs so you can rove the event grounds, a tent, a cot (with disposable sheets), and a cooler. 


Another great plan for a low risk event!  The Medium Event plan has more than enough equipment for you to set up 2 medical stations.  One with acute care modules (personal protective equipment, diagnostics, oxygen masks, and minor wound care).  The other is a basic first aid set-up.  4 fanny packs, 2 oxygen tanks, 2 cots, 2 first aid kits, and 2 AEDs.

If you are planning medical coverage for a large event or one that has a higher level of risk, no problem.

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We would like to hear more about your equipment needs.


*Rental rate is for AED on standby.   If used, a replacement fee for pads will be charged.
**We accept up to 10% 'consumption' without triggering a charge.  Usage of masks, nasal prongs, or greater than 10% consumption will be added to the invoice.
^Equipment may not be exactly as shown.